SimplyGlo is a New Zealand owned and operated company with the vision of helping people feel comfortable and confident in their own skin. 

SimplyGlo’s products are eco friendly, biodegradable, vegan and cruelty free. All our packaging is recyclable, compostable or biodegradable, this even includes our thank you cards, benefit cards and our shipping labels.

We only use natural and sustainable products/ingredients that are good for the environment, our aim is to help reduce the amount of damage we cause to our planet. SimplyGlo strives to produce good quality, efficient, fair trade, eco friendly and functional products that benefit both you and our planet.

SimplyGlo Exfoliating Glove

SimplyGlo Exfoliating Glove

A Reusable Exfoliating Glove, Made from plant fibers- 100% Biodegradable. - Activated with just wate..


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